Sunday, April 11, 2010

thing #22

I went under the Teacher librarianing and found this very neat to read. I think I would use something like this to keep people informed of what is going on in the library. I could use this tool to show the administration of how vaulable the library is and all the things that I do to add flavor to the library. I could post book reviews and have people blog about the various books. I could host other school librarians blog areas. Pictures could be used to show various research items for the students. It could become a social area for students to share their research projects that they have created. I really thought the children's storytubes were so cute and creative. It would be a great lead into differentation of lessons and I could teach the teachers how to use this tool with their students. It would help build collaboration amongest the teachers. I find this site to be one of the best tools for librarians. This is the site I chose and I really do like the lay out.

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