Friday, March 12, 2010

Thing #14

On this thing, I played around awhile with the site. I can see where this will be helpful as a librarian. The site technorati was fun to play with and I found that the widgets site was down as they were updating this. As a librarian I could post reviews on books and videos that would help teachers when making selections for class. I also could see where Icould post blogs for students to follow when wanting them to create things using technology as a tool. I think tagging items will also help the students in research and searching for things that are already approved. St. will be able to have things prepared for them and then they can access the sites pretagged. I did claim my blog so I will see how that goes as they stated it takes a little while to verify the blog. Can not wait to see if it will work in attracting others to the site.

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