Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing #15

I read two different thoughts on Library 2.0. I have to agree with Michael Stephens in the fact that what a library looks like today will be so different in 5 to 10 years. Library technology is just getting smarter and smarter and in order to stay up with the forever changing time, Librarians are going to have to stay on top of the new faces of technology. I think librarians making the library a place to learn about the new technology will keep students ahead of the technology game. Currently our school library does not seem to do enough for teachers and students in this regard. If we want to keep up with the trend, schools and school districts are going to have to keep the technology updated to meet with the requirements that the 2.0 world is trying to introduce to all. As a school librarian I will have to do a lot of continous updating in what is the latest trends in technology and will have to try and stay ahead of the trends so I can promote to the students what others are learning. I will have to try to fight to keep the library updated which might be a problem as I will have a limited budget in order to keep up. Librarians will have to make the best with what budget they are given, but if the school administrators are on board this might not be as bad a problem as in other schools. I can see where I myself will need to continue my education.


  1. As we learn new things in class, I'm seeing that part of our jobs will be to research "what's coming up." Often, the librarian is seen as reactive to needs or requests. I liked your thoughts about "fight[ing] to keep the library updated." It will be a challenge, but with great rewards!

  2. Yes, it is a neverending (but most rewarding) battle to keep current, fresh and "new"!