Friday, March 12, 2010

Thing #13

Social tagging sites are interesting for teachers and librarians to use as they let you share great ideas with each other. We have had diigo introduced to us at school and many of the teachers have used this site. They tag favorite sites that can be used to help develop some great lessons for all to use. Librarians could use this site to post about books that would fit curriculum. They could also use these tag sites to set up technology lessons and research material for students. This would be beneficial for the teacher as presearched sites could be used and it makes it easier on the teacher. This would fall in line with the collaboration item that we are all needing to make schools a success for all. The tag sites would also be great in keeping the different topiced items in categories which would make for easy look up of needed materials and also easier to share specific items with specific groups. I did find that Ma.gnolia was relaunched and that is was sort of like facebook in which you have to be invited to join. I prefered diigo, I guess as I have seen this before.

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