Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing 18

lI attempted to research both sites listed, but for some reason open office was not working right for me, so I used Google Doc's. I found some really neat budget sheets that were useful for my own personal use. I thought it was pretty easy to use and I enjoyed this site. I think because it is really easy for me to use and I understood a little more about this technology tool. I thought that I would try the other site later. However, I will say I think the advantage of using the free tool is that not all children have computers let alone can afford the software and applications required to support the software. These free sites would not cost anything for the students. Along with it being free, the updates that most computers need may be kept up as the companies will maintain the computer site better. The disadvantage can be that sometimes not enough traffic will keep the site up and many times sites become obsolete quickly. I think as an educator it would be to my advantage to use something that is available to all my students. It would also be something my children could access else where if the computers they were on did not have the other applications such as windows 2003, etc. down loaded.


  1. I think Google Docs is pretty least I hope so becasue I sure have a lot of my "life" on it! :-)
    I think you are going to see more use of open source materials and Google Docs to save money.
    How do you think these items will help with collaboration?

  2. VWB,
    I think this will help in collaboration as other teachers will be able to use things that have been created in this site. I love to use thing things that other teachers have made as it saves me time and helps me to see other ideas. Collaborating with other librarians is just as crucial to me as collaborating with other teachers.

  3. I have enjoyed learning about Google Docs. My husband had already used it and showed me a spreadsheet he had created earlier this year. I really enjoyed the templates that could be utilized for free.