Sunday, February 28, 2010

LibraryThing #11

I went into this site and had a little bit of trouble at first. I found searching books under the Library of Congress to be a very slow process. I switched and went into Amazon and this was much quicker. Since I really do not have time to read, I just picked school libraries as my topic and added books from this category. I can see where this would be a very helpful tool for the avid reader. It would also be a great place to look up what others thought of a particular book. It would give you some insite to the book before you selected it for a public library. I am sure it is also a great place to hold book talks with others. Librarians could share their thoughts on certain books with other librarians. I will have to keep this site in mind as I continue on with my library science degree. I did not join a group at this time as I rarely keep up with the things I have already joined now.

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