Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thing 12 commenting

I enjoyed reading from How to Comment Like a King (or Queen!) . I found that people do post things that sometimes are very hurtful and can be taken the wrong way. People can not see the emotion that is actually behind the comment and sometime people will take the comments in ways that were not to be ment in certain ways. People must keep in mind that they should post to others they way they would talk to others. I like this blog because it makes me remember this.

I also like 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog . I am really a looker than I am a poster. I like to read things others post and often times think that what I have to contribute to people's post is not much worth reading. I do like the ideas to get more people to post on my site and I think this is going to make things easier for me

One blog site is a site that I like to visit as I am trying to get in better shape and enjoy the tips I can get from here.

Another site I follow is . I love to floow the sports out here in Katy and this is a great site to keep up with the gossip per say of the teams. Have blogged for a while here.

I enjoyed posting on others sites for this post and found that many people had the same thing to say about being lookers on others sites. I am hoping to be better at posting on others after reading this thing assignment.


  1. Start with sites you are comfortable with or ones where you have a f2f relationship established and pretty soon it will become a natural part of your online experience. You will be surprised how often your comments are appreciated for presenting a different view or new idea!

  2. Thanks for sharing these interesting sites. I plan to check them out. Beautiful pictures.

  3. I love the first article you mentioned on how to comment like a king or queen. The very first thing it says is to "make it meaningful." I hate it when people comment benign things like "cool," "I agree," or "yes!" It makes me think of trying to get my fourth graders to write a meaningful response to text. "I liked it because it was cool" is NOT making an intelligent connection!

    I also really enjoyed your pictures. My brother was in the marines for 5 years and just came home last month.