Monday, February 8, 2010

Thing #7

Google- I do enjoy using google. I am familiar with a lot of the things google offers. For me it is easy to use and I think it has great tools. I like the google scholar function. I was able to use this to look up sources for another class I am taking. I am more comfortable with this search engine, but I have been trying out Bing as well.

Another tool I liked about the google search site was the alerts. I was able to put in items that I am interested in following. I put in the Olympics and I have already gotten a alert. It will be fun to see what alerts come through for me to read and to keep me updated.

I did enjoy some of the other areas, like the claendar and list making features. However, I am terrible about having list and not always sticking to them, so I thought I will just leave that one alone for now.

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