Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing 9

I found google to be on e of the easier ones for me to use. It was very user friendly and I was able to navigate around pretty easily. I guess I am getting more comfortable with google that I prefer it over the others. It allows for a wide variety of searches.

I do like topix.net as it allowed for me to put in my local town, Katy, which brought up information only pertinent to Katy. I felt like this was a site that allowed me to read things that were more of my interest.

I did not like syndic8.com. I found this to be to busy with little words to read that I was just not as interested in searching on this site. Too many offers like languages to chose from, countries to chose from and since I really am not that interested in things other than the US, I was not as impressed.

One thing that really bothered me while searching is that I typed in the word "marines" and it brought up some porn site of marines. I was floored being that my daughter is dating a marine and she could pso easily access these sites if she were leafing through them as I did. UGH!

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